Animal Cruelty

AC&C is committed to the prevention of animal cruelty and the enforcement of anti-cruelty laws. Animal cruelty is defined as behaviors that cause unnecessary pain, suffering, distress, and/or the death of animal. These acts may be obvious aggressive acts against an animal intended to cause pain or suffering or they may result from a failure to provide basic care necessary to preserve an animal's well-being. New York State law makes the following illegal under its animal cruelty and related laws for any animal, including strays and wildlife:

  • Animal fighting
  • Injuring, maiming, or killing any animal
  • Depriving an animal of necessary food or drink
  • Failure to provide adequate shelter (for dogs left outdoors)

Although AC&C does not have law enforcement powers, we are key players in the documentation, investigation, and prosecution of animal cruelty cases. AC&C staff are often the first responders on scene where evidence of animal cruelty may be present and we provide care for hundreds of animals each year who have been the victims of abuse and neglect. AC&C also works closely with local authorities to document, collect, and preserve evidence for further evaluation and prosecution.

Animal cruelty is a crime and must be investigated by local law enforcement. If you live in New York City and witness animal cruelty, please call 311 (or 911 for crimes in progress) to notify the NYPD.

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