Our Statistics

At AC&C, we aim to decrease the number of animals abandoned and turned in to our Care Centers, decrease euthanasia, and to find loving homes for all healthy and treatable homeless and abandoned pets. AC&C has progressed substantially in decreasing the number of animals that are euthanized. See our Statistics (in the right column of this page) over the last ten years. We will continue to work hard to save even more lives.

Through community partnerships that focus on surrender prevention programs, internal and external adoption efforts, and AC&C's New Hope program, the decrease in euthanasia rates has been substantial, but we still have a long way to go. We encourage everyone to get involved by being a responsible pet owner, adopting a new family friend, giving a donation to AC&C or becoming part of our Volunteer team.

AC&C runs our statistics based on the nationally recognized Asilomar Accords (See Definitions).

The Intake/Outcome Reports

AC&C runs this report every month. The report shows Intakes and Outcomes of Cats and Dogs over time, including the most recent month.

Year-to-Date Monthly Data