Wish List

The Wish List

All donations should be mailed or delivered to the following address:

Animal Care & Control of NYC
Development Department
11 Park Place, Suite 805, New York, NY 10007


Brought to one of our 5 locations.

Most Needed Donations:

Thick Blankets

New or Gently Used Bath Sized Towels

Mylar and Plastic Cat Toys

Durable, Rubber Dog Toys (e.g. Kongs)

Food for the Animals

  • Kitten Food: Royal Canin BabyCat Instinctive Loaf in Sauce 1st Stage
  • KMR Kitten Milk Replacement (powder and liquid)
  • Esbilac Milk Replacement
  • Dog/Cat treats
  • Canned Cat Food (Friskies)
  • Canned Dog Food (Purina)
  • Canned Dog Food (Pedigree)

Medical Supplies and Equipment

  • Digital Animal Thermometers
  • Baby Scales (Cats and Rabbits)
  • Topical Flea/Tick Meds (Advantage, Frontline, or Revolution only, no OTC)

Miscellaneous Animal Supplies

  • Feral Cat Dens/Holding Boxes
  • Thick Blankets/Towels
  • Cat Litter
  • Disposable Feeding Trays
  • Animal Nursing Bottles
  • Wire Free-Standing Cat Condos
  • Wire Dog Crates (Large and Extra-Large Sizes)

Animal Toys and Enrichment

  • Mylar Crinkle Cat Toys
  • Plastic Lattice Balls
  • Fuzzy Mice
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Stretch & Scratch (In Packs of 6, 12, 25, and 50)
  • Feather Teaser Toys
  • Plush Toys

  • Hard, Hollow Rubber Toys (i.e. Kongs) - All Sizes
  • Kong Paste for Kongs
  • Boingo Balls - Large & Small
  • Biscuit Balls - Large & Small
  • Strong Rubber Squeaky Toys
  • Plush Toys

Miscellaneous Supplies

  • Accel
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Paper Towels
  • Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

Miscellaneous Services

  • Printing Services
  • Design Services

Gift Cards

  • Petco
  • Petsmart

If you have any questions about our Wish List, please send us an e-mail. Please note this address is not intended for payments; please do not e-mail credit card information to this e-mail address.

However you choose to donate from our Wish List, AC&C's shelter animals thank you from the bottom of their hearts.