The best way to prevent the deadly disease is for pet owners to get their pups vaccinated

MARCH 15, 2023 — Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) is encouraging dog owners to get their canines vaccinated to curb the spread of parvovirus. The non-profit, which serves as the only open-intake animal welfare organization serving New York City residents, has seen several parvo cases in the last 24-hours.

"We normally see a limited number of parvo cases in any given year," said ACC's Sr. Vice President, Animal Health & Welfare, Dr. Robin Brennen. "But in 2023 we have already seen so many cases and that number continues to rise."

While any unvaccinated dog is at risk, it is more common in puppies. The highly contagious parvovirus spreads via contact with infected feces and has a 90% mortality rate if left untreated. The most common symptoms of parvo, as it is commonly known, include vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite.

At ACC, vaccinations for parvo are routinely given upon intake. The organization suggests the following precautionary measures for current and prospective dog owners:

  • Make sure your dog's parvovirus vaccination is up to date
  • Do not let your puppy or adult dog touch the fecal waste of other dogs while walking or playing outdoors
  • Do your research before adopting a puppy and make sure only to work with reputable shelters or rescue groups who vaccinate their animals
  • Be sure to ask for vaccination records before bringing a new pet home

About Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC)

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Founded in 1995, Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) is a non-profit organization with a mission to end animal homelessness in New York City. ACC is contracted by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to provide animal related services to over 9 million residents within the five boroughs of New York City. ACC’s services to the community include pet adoption, animal rescue, veterinary care including spay/neuter, lost and found pet assistance and surrender prevention programs. With full-service care centers in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island, ACC provides in-shelter care for approximately 20,000 animals every year, and an additional 5,000 through its community pets program.

New Yorkers are encouraged to play an active role in animal welfare by adopting, fostering, volunteering and/or donating to animals in need. For more information, please visit

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Cast of Broadway Hit "Take Me Out" Finds Home for Overlooked Shelter Dog:Senior pup waited months in NYC shelter before being adopted


JANUARY 13, 2023 — A nine-year-old large breed dog named Gertrude is sleeping in her own specially designed orthopedic bed tonight thanks to the efforts of some Broadway stars. Gertie, as ACC refers to her, had spent months in the Animal Care Centers of NYC East Harlem shelter, waiting to be adopted. Towards the end of the year, staff noticed she had become depressed. ACC Animal Care Supervisor Eric Glauber thought Gertie would make a perfect candidate for a program he created called "Take a Bow Wow" that pairs Broadway stars with pets needing extra exposure for photograph and video sessions. He contacted the cast of "Take Me Out" and they were excited to help.

"I've met so many people involved with Broadway who love animals and want to help the homeless pets of NYC," said Glauber. "Participating in the Take a Bow Wow program is an easy way for them to use their star power to bring awareness to dogs needing a home."

On Wednesday, December 21 ACC staff took Gertie to the "Take Me Out" Broadway stage where she met and played with cast members including Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Video and photos taken during the meetup were shared across social media platforms and caught the eye of some adopters. After meeting Gertie in person, the adoption was complete and on January 5, 2023 Gertie and her new family made it official.

Gertie is the fourth dog to participate in the Take a Bow Wow program. Previous Broadway stars including Derek Klena and Kathryn Gallagher have come to the shelter to meet and promote different dogs, all of whom have since found a home. On January 10, cast members from Chicago the Musical, Emma Pittman and Rachel Grace, stopped by the shelter where they met Mistletoe. Mistletoe is currently available for adoption.

For more information about Take a Bow Wow, please email