Heroes Needed

We know that animal shelters are extremely stressful places for pets and that stress can sometimes bring out behaviors we wouldn't normally see when the pet is home in a familiar, comfortable environment. Kenneling dogs long-term often leads to chronic stress and, over time, they begin to break down emotionally because their needs are not being met. By definition, they really cannot be met in a shelter environment because a shelter is not a home, no matter how nice the facility may be. Right now ACC is having a hard time finding placement for dogs we believe can be successful in a home with the right support and behavior modification, but who do not qualify for public adoption or who have behavior challenges that limit their public adoption options. Chronic stress can really put behavioral health into question. Warehousing dogs who are experiencing kennel madness is not the answer.

So we are asking the community for help. The dogs on this page desperately need a place to go outside the shelter, with someone who understands their challenges and the support they will need to recover and find success as family pets.

Rescuing a pet in need can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Everyone at ACC will provide support for you every step of the way. If you are looking for dogs with the greatest need for a home, please consider the urgent cases on this page.

kobi ali

Placed with Amsterdog!


Placed with Amsterdog!


Placed with Waldo's Rescue Pen!


Placed with Amsterdog!

blue sky

Blue Sky has been placed with For Blake's Sake


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Must be placed by noon 1/11


Placed with For Blake's Sake


Placed with Pound Hounds


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Must be placed by noon 1/13


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Must be placed by noon 1/13