Welcome to the wonderful world of fostering!

Take your first steps with the ACC Foster Team by signing up for one of our Virtual Foster Orientations. Our February foster orientations have already taken place - check back often for the March dates! If you’re interested in fostering a cat click here. If you're interested in fostering a kitten, click here. If you’re interested in fostering a dog, click here. If you're interested in fostering Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, please email accfosters@nycacc.org to learn more.

If you don’t see an available date that fits your schedule, check back often! We will be hosting virtual orientations at least once per month.

We look forward to working with you soon!

Foster FAQ:

Who can foster? Just about anyone! You must be at least 18 years old to participate in our Foster Program. Additionally, if you lease or rent, you must get permission from your landlord prior to signing up to foster a dog.

Do I need to be a NYC resident to foster? All ACC foster parents need to live in NYC or in proximity to NYC. Foster need to be able to self-transport to and from the shelter for vet appointments.

What animals can go to foster? We work with each animal individually to find the best placement and set them up for success. The greatest need is usually for large breed dogs, adult cats, and seasonally for underage kittens (under 8 weeks old). 

What does ACC provide to foster parents? We will provide basic supplies for your foster pet including food, toys, cat litter, harnesses & leashes etc. We will also send you home with any medication your foster pet is on. We are available for behavior and medical support, as well as helping you find adopters for your foster pet. 

How do I get my foster pet? We are not able to transport animals to and from foster homes unless there is an emergency, so we do require that our foster parents be able to pick up pets from one of our three full-service care centers (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island) and be able to bring the pet back if a medical emergency arises. 

How long will I be fostering for? We generally ask for a minimum of three or four weeks, and the maximum is open-ended. For shorter commitments, we have BoroughBreaks which allow you to take a dog out just for the day, or Straycations that help us get animals out of the shelter and into a home for a few days!

Can I foster if I have other pets? Yes you can! We do require that you separate your resident pet from your foster for the first 2 weeks. We are happy to provide advice on safe and slow introductions once the separation period is over.

Any additional questions can be sent to accfosters@nycacc.org.