Don’t have any plans for the weekend?

That’s okay… neither do our Boroughbreds!

How about turning your staycation into a Straycation by letting one of our awesome dogs or cats hang out at your place for the long weekend?

A Straycation offers many benefits to the animals in our care. First, a few nights out of the shelter is amazing for the animal's mental health. Similar to our BoroughBreak program, a Straycation further shows us how the animal acts outside of a shelter environment, which helps them get adopted! Fewer animals in our care centers for a long weekend also means the animals still in our care receive more attention from staff and volunteers.

Here are the details:

  • Looking for a 2-night minimum
  • You will be pre-matched with a pet based off of your survey answers
  • Due to how quickly they are adopted, we cannot guarantee small dogs will be available for StrayCations
  • We provide food, leash/collar, and a toy
  • Pets available from all three locations (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island)
  • ACC strongly recommends a 2 week separation period between foster animals and resident pets
  • No training or orientation needed

straycation button.png

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