Thank you for your interest in the Volunteer Program of Animal Care Centers of NYC. Volunteers are a vital part of our organization, and play a huge role in caring for the animals in the shelters. Right now we are busy welcoming back volunteers who are re-joining (post COVID lockdown) as well as on-boarding new volunteers from our initial orientations earlier this year.

Our next volunteer orientation will be in September, 2021. To be notified when the exact date is determined, please sign-up here. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of summer!

If you are currently a volunteer, click here to sign-in to VICNET.

Our volunteers work in several areas of our operations.

  • Primarily, they interact with our shelter pets to provide them with exercise, attention, comfort and socialization to reduce stress, improve their health, strengthen trust with humans, and increase their adoptability factor.
  • Secondarily, they help maintain kennels, take photographs, write bios, assist in adoption counseling, attend off-site events, provide administrative assistance and join outreach programs, all with the end-objective of helping to get our animals adopted, or of preventing animals from ending up at the shelters.

Volunteers are asked to make a commitment to our program of at least six months, with a minimum of six hours in each month.

Volunteer Opportunities

By Program

ACC currently has three volunteer programs within the organization:

  • Companion volunteers
  • Support Programs volunteers
  • Fosters

Companion volunteers interact with our animals at the care center or at offsite events. There are three kinds of companion programs you can train for and are assigned to:

  • Dog Volunteers
  • Cat Volunteers
  • Rabbit Volunteers

For Dog and Cat Volunteers, there are several levels according to which areas you can work in.

  • Level 1: Adoption Rooms and Offsite Events
  • Level 2: Holding
  • Level 2: Isolation
  • Level 2: Kitten Nursery (Cat Volunteers only)

Additional training is required to qualify for each room. All applicants who successfully complete training are Level 1, and work first in the Adoption Wards. Level 2 is by invitation only. We will identify volunteers who have shown good handling skills, ability to follow instructions and consistency in service and reach out to them to train for Level 2.

At any point during your service, when you feel that you are comfortable, you can discuss with a Volunteer staff member about adding any of these assignments to your service:

  • Adoption Facilitator
  • Corporate Volunteer Day Facilitator
  • Pet Photography
  • Bio Writing
  • Mobile Adoption Events
  • Outreach Programs
  • Community Dogs Programs
  • Administration

Volunteer Opportunities are available at the following full-service shelters:

  • Manhattan Animal Care Center
    326 East 110th Street (between 1st and 2nd Aves.)
    New York, NY 10029
  • Brooklyn Animal Care Center
    2336 Linden Boulevard
    Brooklyn, NY 11208
  • Staten Island Animal Care Center
    3139 Veterans Road West
    Staten Island, NY 10309


Support Programs Volunteers

  • These types of volunteers assist other departments, and may or may not involve interacting with animals.


  • These volunteers work with cats, dogs, and rabbits. All volunteer groomers must be experienced and licensed, and must go through the same orienting process as companion volunteers. Groomers work with the Medical Department.

Lost & Found

  • These volunteers help reunite pets with their owners, and work with the Lost & Found Department. This volunteer position is done remotely from home and involves utilizing social media to help reunite lost pets with their owners.

Adoption Follow Ups

  • These volunteers are an integral part of ensuring that adoptions are followed through accordingly. Volunteers contact adopters 48-72 hours after an adoption to see how the companion animal has acclimated to its new home. These volunteers may answer general questions related to pet care, while referring more complicated questions to the adoption supervisor for review. This volunteer opportunity is done remotely from home, and volunteers work with the Adoptions Department.

Community Dog Clinics

  • Volunteers in this program assist our efforts to help keep dogs with their owners through training, spay/neuter and food pantries. They also assist in developing a relationship with the community through free vaccinations and micro chipping. This program is currently running in the Bronx, and volunteers who live in the area, or find it accessible, are ideal for this position. They will be working with our Community Programs Department, and must go through the same orienting process as companion volunteers.
ACC Volunteer Links
Volunteer requirements
Volunteer Requirements

We expect our volunteers to comply with all of ACC’s Volunteer Program Policies and Procedures in order to maintain a high standard of volunteer service, create a safe environment for the animals and clients we serve, and provide you with a positive experience. Click here to learn more.

Volunteer Application Process
Volunteer Application Process

All prospective volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and must go through the Volunteer Application Process in order to learn about our organization and our Volunteer Program. Click here to see the process.

Orientation Dates
Orientation Dates

You may attend any of the orientations, as they are not specific to the shelter location where you will volunteer. Click here to learn about upcoming Orientation dates.

Volunteer FAQs
Volunteer FAQs

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions around Volunteering at the ACC.

Corporate Volunteer
Corporate Volunteer

ACC is excited to launch a new corporate volunteering initiative. If your organization is interested in participating in a corporate volunteer event, please click here to see additional information.