Emergency Placement

Helping Animals with the Greatest Needs

Many of our New Hope Partners have been very open about their need to focus more on the emergency cases and pull those animals with the greatest needs. With ACC having so many animals in care, it is challenging for our partners to know which animals they should focus their efforts on. The automated system will allow partners to focus on the animals greatest in need. Additionally, the system is meant to facilitate more animals getting placed as all of the animals’ medical and behavior information will be available for partners to view. Partners and prospective adopters will also be able to reserve animals for placement in real time.

Emergency Placement Dogs / Cats

Animals will be posted on the website Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6PM. Some pets are listed as ‘Rescue Only’ which means they must be placed through a rescue group, referred to as a New Hope partner.
If you are interested in fostering or adopting a pet through a New Hope partner please fill out this pre-screener.
Appropriate pre-screeners will be sent directly to New Hope partners who will contact interested parties.

Current Emergency Placement Dogs/Cats can be found here.

Status updates for previous emergency placement dogs and cats can be found here.