Expanding Care. Increasing Access. Inspiring Hope.

Campaign For The Future

Support the greatest expansion of animal welfare in New York City history!

Together, we are redefining animal welfare in NYC and creating a future where every animal has a home, and where every home that wants an animal has the support and services it needs to create the permanent, loving home they want and deserve.

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The City of New York is making a transformative investment of $90 million in ACC over the next several years, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Funding will be used to:


  • Build two new, state-of-the-art animal care centers in the boroughs of Queens and the Bronx, where none ever existed before
  • Renovate our Brooklyn and Staten Island animal care centers
  • Construct a modern Pet Adoption Center adjacent to our Manhattan Animal Care Center

These new shelters will be three or four times larger than our current shelters, which are housed in buildings over 50 years old. We hope to fully complete this game-changing transformation of ACC’s care centers in stages by 2025.


Alongside this physical transformation and capital investment from the City, ACC is launching its own $5 million multi-year fundraising initiative to provide best-in-class services inside these best-in-class buildings, innovating and expanding our offerings and impact in both scope and equity throughout NYC.

ACC operates as the city’s only open-admission sheltering organization, never turning any animal away. It is our mission to end animal homelessness in New York City. Every year, ACC works with over 20,000 animals – both inside the shelter and outside in the community. Since 2018 we have consistently placed over 92% of the pets in our care. And, we help people too! Our Community Pets Program offers resources to pet owners throughout the five boroughs with everything from medical care, to tenant advocacy, to free pet food from our food pantry.


While the City is providing funding for our construction and capital expenses, and related core staff salaries, ACC seeks funding to innovate and lead in animal welfare. Support from the private sector will help ACC fully realize the potential of the City’s investment to lay the foundation for a completely new landscape for animal welfare in all our communities.

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Inspiring Hope

The City’s extraordinary financial investment to build new care centers is not part of ACC’s operating budget. The City has not increased ACC’s operating budget in years, and we rely heavily on support from the private sector to achieve our mission. Our growth as a leader in animal welfare correlates directly to the added support from individuals and private foundations. Establishing a Shelter Animal Response Fund will inspire hope for the tens of thousands of homeless animals and New Yorkers that ACC currently serves and ensure a future of continued best-in-class animal welfare. The fund will sustain efforts to continually improve in-shelter animal health and housing, expand adoption rates, ensure regular behavior enrichment, provide robust staffing and maximize the operational potential of these new buildings. Through this fund, ACC can continue its work without pause, making NYC the most humane city in the world.

Expanding Care

Ending animal homelessness begins with expanding care to both animals and people before an animal enters the sheltering system. We know that animal surrender is often seen as the only option for individuals experiencing hardship or temporary housing issues. But we also know that our animals are as significant to us as family members. Funds will be used to create an Emergency Response Fund to expand our safety net programs that provide resources in lieu of surrender and basic animal wellness services for pet owners in under-served communities. The Emergency Response Fund will broaden ACC’s reach and expand care beyond the four walls of our centers. Securing the human-animal bond will be the focus of this fund, which in turn moves us closer to our mission to end animal homelessness in NYC.

Increasing Access

There is a critical lack of affordable veterinary and animal welfare services for people with pets in NYC. The newly constructed, state-of-the-art care centers will boldly expand access to our services for animals and people in all five boroughs. Every animal that needs a home and every home that wants an animal will finally have greater access for support at one of five full-service, modern care centers. Funds from the Campaign for the Future will be used to invest in our communities through a Community Responsiveness Fund to support humane education, volunteerism at the local level and engagement opportunities in all five boroughs. Additionally, with a care center in every borough, ACC will capitalize on our physical presence by focusing on programs and services that reflect the geographic, cultural, language and financial barriers that often limit or prevent access to essential care.