Starting Tuesday, August 24, ACC will be moving the Emergency Placement (EP) animals from the current website to the automated system, on Shelter Buddy. Over the past several weeks, we have experienced a significant increase in intake that is outpacing the desired ratio of staff to animal.  In order to ensure the animals in-shelter receive the best care possible, we have pinpointed some areas where manual processes are too time-consuming to be effective on a larger scale. One of these areas is the Emergency Placement process.  

To date, Emergency Placements via our website has been very successful, resulting in an 87% placement rate for dogs and 100% for cats (for the limited amount of time we have used the system). We expect that success to continue with the more automated system on Shelter Buddy. 

Shelters across the country are experiencing similar spikes in shelter population and the competition for rescue placement has also increased. So many of our New Hope Partners have been very open about their need to focus more on the emergency cases and pull those animals with the greatest needs. With ACC having so many animals in care, it is challenging for our partners to know which animals they should focus their efforts on. The automated system will allow partners to focus on the animals greatest in need.

Additionally, the system is meant to facilitate more animals getting placed as all of the animals’ medical and behavior information will be available for partners to view. Partners and prospective adopters will also be able to reserve animals for placement in real time. 

Animals will be posted on the website Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6PM. 

Emergency Placement Dogs can be found here.

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