Turning in a Stray

During the summer months, our Care Centers are often packed with surrendered cats and kittens. Bringing in a stray cat may not be in his/her best interest if the cat appears healthy and thriving in the community. Please see our flyer for help deciding what to do with a stray cat or kitten.
If you have found a stray dog with no collar or identifying information, please call 212-266-7880 or bring the dog to any one of our centers.


Found a Stray DogFound a Stray Cat


When possible, we can also make appointments for stray pets, provided you are able to hold the animal potentially for several days. This can help us better prepare for the animal and make his or her stay as ideal as possible. If an animal comes to us as a stray, we will hold for 72 hours to give a potential owner time to reclaim. We also will check for a microchip and search through various databases for any reports of lost pets that may fit the description of that animal. If no one claims during the holding period, he/she will receive a Placement Evaluation to determine next steps.