ACC is committed to reuniting lost and found pets with their families. We take in lost and found pets and stray animals every day (except holidays) at our care centers from 8AM-8PM at our Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island (see our hours and locations). All lost and found pets are held for 72 hours in order to provide you time to come find them or for us reunite them with their families. If no one claims them as their own after 72 hours, the animal gets released to the shelter and evaluated for placement.

ACC reminds all pet owners to ensure that their animal does not get lost by practicing responsible pet ownership including making sure your dog is licensed and always kept on a leash when outside, that your cat is kept indoors, your pet is wearing a tag and has a microchip, and is spayed/neutered.

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Finding a Lost Pet
Pictures and/or descriptions of animals that have been found and brought to our Care Centers are posted on our website's Found Pets Database daily. If you see an animal that fits the description of your lost pet, visit the identified Care Center to reclaim your pet.
When searching our Found Pets database, select the appropriate Animal Type only and click on "search". Leaving the other fields empty will maximize your search results. If you do not see a match in the animals listed in the Found Pets database, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Show Pets Found by the Public", near the bottom of the page. This search will provide you with the Found Pets reports made by those who have found lost pets, but have chosen to keep the pets rather than turn them into the Care Center. If you still do not find your lost pet on this database, you should then file a Lost Pet report.

FindShadow is a community-led app that reunites lost dogs in NYC.
If your dog is missing, we recommend alerting the FindShadow community by downloading the app at this link.

File a Lost or Found Pet Report with ACC
A report filed with ACC will be entered into an online database that searches our computer records and will send you information if there is a match. This report will be valid for 60 days and will continue to send you information if applicable. This will also enroll you in a program where volunteers will actively assist in the search for your pet in both ACC and third party lost and found resources. You should file a Lost Pet report only after making sure your lost pet is not already in our Found Pets database. Click here to file a lost or found pet report.

Click here to see a list of pets that have been reported as lost.

Finding Rover
By registering your pet in the Finding Rover Community, your pet becomes searchable by thousands of users if he or she is ever lost.