Volunteer Application Process

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Level 01

The first step in the application process is to register for and attend an online orientation conducted via Zoom. Attendees should have a working camera. Registration of attendance will be required. Only those who registered within the duration of the session will receive an application form.


Level 02
Group Interview

he next step is the group interview. Only those who submitted their application form within the specified deadline will receive a link to the interview sign-up sheets. There is a limited number of sessions, so please check your emails right away and sign up as soon as you can.

  • Interviews are currently conducted via Zoom. For this session, you must have a functioning camera and microphone. Please check your device before your interview and make sure you choose a schedule when you can focus on the session.
  • The session will take approximately one hour.
  • Those who pass the interview will be sent a link to our PayPal account, through which you will pay the volunteer fee. If your budget is tight and you need your volunteer fee to be waived, please wait for the email stating that you have passed the interview. Reply to that email to request for your fee to be waived.


Level 03
Theoretical and Hands-On Training
  • Upon receipt of your volunteer fee, you will be given a username and password. Payments are processed manually, so it may take a few days after payment before you get your username and password. At this point, you are now considered a trainee.
  • Your username and password will allow you to sign up for In-Shelter Training, where you will go through important instructions and be given hands-on training.
  • You will be given a booklet containing the learnings covered in the seminar. For certain assignments such as Dog Companion and Cat Companion, the booklet and hands-on training are conducted in two separate sessions. Passing the booklet training is a pre-requisite for moving on to the hands-on training.
  • Each session will take about three hours.
  • Some applicants will benefit from two training sessions. This will be determined by the trainer. Those who are not completely comfortable after one session should not hesitate to be the one to ask for a second session. Their safety and that of our animals are of utmost importance.


Level 04
First Shift

When you successfully complete your training, you will receive an email informing you that you have passed your training!

  • You will have to email the Volunteer Department to schedule your first shift.
  • You will be given your Volunteer ID Badge, T-shirt and leash (for Dog Companions).
  • After your first shift, you will be able to sign up for succeeding shifts online.
  • Your six-month commitment will begin once you have come in for your first shift.