2017 Impact Report


ACC is proud to share our 2017 Impact Report. We have made great progress this year and have introduced innovations and process changes that substantially raised the bar on animal welfare in our care centers. ACC did not accomplish this on our own. We rely on support from a strong community of adopters, advocates, donors, volunteers, fosters and New Hope adoption partners. As you read through this report we hope you will be inspired to join us in our mission to end animal homelessness in NYC.

Every Animal Counts

ACC is a proud participant in Shelter Animals Count, a new, independent, non-profit created to share and steward a national database of sheltered animals that provides facts and enables insights to save lives. We will continue to share our statistics using Asilomar formulas and look forward to sharing our progress with you!

ACC is proud of its progress and encourages the public to review our monthly and annual statistics tracking shelter population through the Asilomar Accords.

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